Friday, March 29, 2013

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Sorry about the PermaRec slowdown -- I've been busy with other projects. But I have a few items in the pipeline that I hope to post soon.

Meanwhile: Next Wednesday, April 3, I'll be doing an hour-long radio interview regarding the Permanent Record report cards (that's me posing with a bunch of the cards back in 2010; I have different glasses now). It will air live from 10-11am eastern, and you can access the live stream here. There will also be a rebroadcast that evening at 9pm eastern here.

The person interviewing me will be Jane Wilcox, a professional genealogist who has a radio show devoted to ancestry- and genealogy-related issues. I met her last year when I was invited to do a short presentation and Q&A session on the PermaRec report cards at the New York Genealogical Society, of which she is a member. One topic that came up during that presentation was the ethical issues raised by using confidential school records as the basis for a media project. Jane plans to ask me about that during our radio interview next Wednesday, and will also touch upon other issues regarding the report card project.

Further details on all of this can be found here.


  1. I listened to the interview with Jane today. Fascinating!! I am looking forward to reading all 10 articles. Thank you for rescuing the report cards.