Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The wooden case you see above was recently found in the trash by someone on Reddit. It's large — 29" by 38" — and had all sorts of goodies inside, including hand-drawn maps, bizarre depictions of extraterrestrial visitations, and technical drawings (for all of the images below, you can click to enlarge):

map.jpg et.jpg tech.jpg

There's more — a lot more. And it was all found in a box that was left in the trash! Amazing. You can get the full scoop here.

In other PermaRec-ish news:

• A Civil War general's Medal of Honor was found inside a book at a church fundraising sale. Further info here.

• A Canadian man has found a message in a bottle dating back to 1906, but he refuses to open the bottle.

That's all for now. Sorry for the lengthy break between posts — it's good to be back. More soon.

(Big thanks to Adam Brodsky and James Poisso for their contributions.)

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